About Us

About Us

We build partnerships with our clients. We help you make the most of your lease or tower.


We have helped hundreds of clients with cellular/billboard lease acquisitions, lease consultations, and cellular tower acquisitions. With 11 years specializing in lease purchases, we have the experience to help you in making an important decision about your property.

We buy cash flow and we do the waiting so you don’t have to. We provide you lump sum capital in exchange for your cellular tower or billboard lease. You can use that lump sum to pay down debt, reinvest, pay for education, or anything else you wish to do with an influx of income.

We collect from the tenant and wait out the lease period. The best part of our offer is that it is non-recourse. Meaning, we assume all the risk of lease cancellation while you benefit with a large, upfront sum of money to reinvest. You get paid NOW.

Here’s a detailed listing of the services we offer:

Lease Acquisition

We purchase leases from cellphone tower land owners and billboard land owners, enabling them to enjoy the benefit of a lump sum payment now versus later. This reduces risk of rent reduction and potential lease cancellation.

Tower Acquisition

We purchase towers that have been leased by cellular companies or government entities.

Lease Consultings

We provide general counseling to land owners to help them make educated, informed decisions about what is best for their business and financial needs.

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